Ruard Veltman Architecture is an atelier residential firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fluent in a range of historical styles without being bound by tradition, the designers render their drawings by hand. Each design is conceived as a whole - from the first imaginative sketch of the facade to the weighing of interior materials and textures. Architects Ruard Veltman, Phil Yagla, and Audry Barber, Interior Designer Julia Palen Wood, and Business and Marketing Manager Mary Lindsey Severs oversee all aspects of the process together. To fulfill the design intent of each space created, RVA formed two additional divisions of the firm, Veltman Wood Interiors offering interior furnishing services, and Veltman Meubles offering custom furniture pieces. Housed in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte, their white studio space acts as a perpetual blank canvas.

"The understanding of the people for whom a design is intended describes its ultimate destination. The range of our work is defined by the diversity of tastes we are asked to consider. Each environment we encounter becomes part of our palette. We strive to be available to serve the life of the project. At any phase, these spaces are always with us - seeing things that fit, reconsidering things said, dashing down ideas at a chance. Once built, we intend any space to explain itself by what it inspires one to do or feel. A success, by the hands of all the designers and craftsmen involved, is the creation of a place for people who want to be there."

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